7 Gold Dust Reasons Exhibiting at Expo’s Is Great For Business

7 Gold Dust Reasons Exhibiting at Expo’s Is Great For Business


With The East Midlands Engineering Expo due to take place on Wednesday 23rd October at The Kettering Conference Centre, we thought we’d remind businesses of the proven benefits of exhibiting at Business Expo’s, whatever size, sector or field they’re in.


Whether it’s an industry event or Business to Business in general, here’s our top 7 reasons why ALL businesses should make exhibiting at Business Expo’s an essential element of their Marketing Plan.


  1. Be Seen As An Influencer In Your Field:

Everyone knows that businesses who exhibit at exhibitions have something to say! The reason there are far more delegates who attend exhibitions as visitors than there are who exhibit is because most people think you need to be an important influencer to be an exhibitor, so why not position yourself among the ‘big boys’. You’ll be surprised how many people will revise their view of your company!


  1. Networking Generates Leads:

As an exhibitor you’re guaranteed to meet potential customers, people who’ve attended the expo looking for suppliers, partners or contractors to fulfill a need they have. Even if the visitor has come along just to see who’s there and what’s going on, seeing your stand and the products and services you offer puts you front of mind the next time they or someone they know needs what it is you do.


  1. Fellow Exhibitors Become More Like Colleagues:

Being among other exhibitors creates a bond of kinship, which gives you special status and a genuine reason to talk to (network) with the others, potentially people who might also require your services and become future customers.


  1. You Will Build Your Database Of Prospects:

The opportunities don’t end at the close of the Expo, that’s when your real opportunities begin! An effective data collection campaign during the expo will yield a huge bank of prospect data to follow up after the event. Conversations on the day can serve as openings for longer term relationships.


  1. A Source Of Potential Suppliers:

As an exhibitor, you’re in a great position to network and meet both visitors and other exhibitors, giving you a great opportunity to identify potential suppliers for your business, again further building relationships with like minded businesses.


  1. A Great Reason To Invite Potential Customers:

Every business has one or a number of potential customers they just can’t get an appointment to meet with. As an exhibitor at a Business Expo, you have the perfect opportunity to send that hard to reach prospect a personal invitation to attend, to network and meet other industry influencers or local business people and of course, visit you on your stand. It’s all about positioning and changing their perception of your business!


  1. Benefit From Pre and Post Expo PR:

Exhibitions are always vigorously promoted by the organisers, especially the ones organised by Polka Dot Events! This means your business could be organically promoted to thousands of industry buyers without you doing a thing and additional exposure can be guaranteed by taking up sponsorship packages.


So there we have it, 7 great reasons why showcasing your business as an exhibitor at expo’s puts you in pole position when it comes to attracting more customers.

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